Two days of environmental capacity building in Qinzhen City, Guiyang

In order to build environmental justice capacity, the EGP-Guizhou project carried out an joint Environmental Basic Knowledge Course and an Environmental Monitoring Seminar in Qinzhen City, Guiyang during two days in November. Participants included representatives from local government departments, villagers and village cadres, representatives from local companies as well as representatives of volunteer lawyers and local NGOs.

The first day focused on increasing participants’ understanding of environmental monitoring and supervision. Key topics included water management and pollution monitoring in lakes and streams. The seminar was opened by Mr. Huang Chengde from Guiyang Public Environmental Education Centre (GPEEC) and Ms. Wu Zhurong, Director of Propaganda Department of Qingzhen City. Mr. Mikael Olshammar and Mr Jakob Malm (IVL) gave an introduction to Water Management in Europe and the Swedish experiences of assessing water pollution. Following this, Mr. Li Leqi from Guiyang City Public Security Bureau, Ms. Mao Jiangbo from Guiyang Procuratorate and Mr. Huang Chengde from GPEEC presented their environmental monitoring/supervision experiences from the viewpoint of their organization. The first day was concluded by an on-site presentation of monitoring sampling and evidence conservation at the Hongfeng Lake where experts from Guiyang Two Lake One Reservoir Management Bureau Environmental Protection Monitoring Station illustrated how to sample water and discussed how the water analysis is carried out.

The second day focused on increasing basic environmental knowledge among participants. Key topics of this course included: air, water, soil pollution and other common environmental pollution (e.g. noise and radiation pollution) as well as national and local environmental related standards and regulations of targeted pollutions. Mr. Li Xin and Ms. Jin Fangmei from GZICCEP lectured on air, water and soil pollution followed by discussions with participants. Following this, Judge Luo Guangqian presented the Qingzhen Ecological Protection Court, including experiences of environment pollution evidence conservation.

The second of the joint capacity building activity was concluded with a visit to the Qingzhen Ecological Protection Court where Mr. Liu Ming, President of the People’s Court of Qingzhen City and Judge Luo gave an overview of the work carried out by the Court.

In total, 113 participants attended the seminar on the first day and 83 participants joined the second day activities.

For more information on the seminar, see: Documentation from EGP-Guizhou events or contact Ms. Gao Xiaoyi, ACEF, tel+86 10 51230007, e-mail:

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