Project policy proposal and the adopted new Environmental Protection Law

In March 2014, for the fourth round of review of the Environmental Protection Law, the EGP-Guizhou project and All-China Environmental Federation (ACEF) successfully submitted a policy proposal to EGP Component 2 and legislative authorities suggesting expanding the qualification scope of the plaintiffs for Environmental Public Interest Litigation (EPIL) in the Environment Protection Law.

The proposal suggested, based on project experiences and research, to expand the qualification scope of plaintiff of environmental public interest litigation (EPIL) in the Environmental Protection Law (EPL) (Draft Amendment), permitting environmental Civil Society Organizations (CSO), which are legally established with the aim to protect environment, to bring environmental public interest litigation as plaintiff.

China’s New Environmental Protection Law, after its fourth draft, was adopted by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on 24th April 2014 and will enter into force 1st January 2015. In the new law (Article 58), it is clearly stated that social organizations that (1) have their registration at the civil affair departments of people’s governments at or above municipal level with sub-districts in accordance with the law and (2) specialize in environmental protection public interest activities for five consecutive years or more and have no law violation records, may file litigation to the people's courts.

This is an expansion the qualification scope of plaintiff of environmental public interest litigation (EPIL) in accordance with the policy proposal suggested by the project.

For the EGP-project policy proposal, see here. 

For an english translation of the new Environmental Protection Law, see here.PDF (pdf, 213 kB)

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Ms. Gao Xiaoyi, ACEF, tel+86 10 51230007, e-mail:

Mr. Mikael Olshammar, Project manager, IVL, e-mail:

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