Local Policy proposal and policy changes in the revision of Rules for Promoting Ecological Civilization Construction in Guizhou

In April 2014, the EGP-Guizhou project successfully submitted a number of policy recommendations to the Commission of Legislative Affairs, Standing Committee of Guizhou People’s Congress, for the revision of the Rules for Promoting Ecological Civilization Construction in Guizhou.

The policy recommendation were based on the experiences from the EGP-Guizhou project and drafted together with local stakeholders in Guizhou, including representatives from the Environmental and Resources Protection Committee of Guizhou People’s Congress, the Environmental Protection Department, the Environmental Courts, Guizhou Province Lawyers Association and Guiyang Public Environmental Education Centre.

The recommendations mainly focused on 1) the development of the assessment of environmental damages and compensation for environmental damages through developing intermediary organs for authenticating and appraising environmental pollution compensation,2) the improvement of the Legal Aid system by incorporating environmental cases into the scope of legal assistance and 3) the improvement of the Public interest litigation system by in law authorizing and encouraging relevant organs and organizations to institute lawsuits for the behaviours of damaging environmental public interests.

The revised Rules for Promoting Ecological Civilization Construction in Guizhou were adopted on May 17th 2014 by the Ninth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress of Guizhou Province. The EGP-Guizhou successfully contributed to the change of Article 48 (EDA Agency), Article 55 (Legal Aid) and Article 61 (PIL) of the revised Rules adopted.

For the EGP-project policy proposal, see here.

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Ms. Gao Xiaoyi, ACEF, tel+86 10 51230007, e-mail: gaoxiaoyi@acef.com.cn

Mr. Li Xin, Project officer, GZICCEP, e-mail: epblixin@163.com 

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