Learn more about Environmental Damage Assessment and Compensation calculation in practice and policy

In the beginning of April, a workshop on Environmental Damage Assessment (EDA) and Compensation – in policy and in practice - will be organized in Guiyang city, Guizhou province. The activities aim at increasing the capacity of court officials, local lawyers, officials from Provincial EPD and local EPB of Guizhou and local NGO’s in safeguarding the environmental rights of the public.

In Guizhou today, compensation evaluation for environmental damage and EDA is carried out both in the administrative process and judicial process. However, there is a great need for improved practice and policy in order to value environmental damages and calculate compensation for safeguarding the public’s environmental rights.

The workshop will address some of the issues and challenges concerning protecting the public’s environmental rights related to EDA and compensation for environmental damages. The workshop aims specifically to make suggestions for further improvement both in practice and policy of EDA and compensation based on previous practices in Guizhou today, learning from the EU-China context. Furthermore, stakeholder is in Guizhou to will get the opportunity to increase their capacity, discuss and elaborate on EDA and compensation methodology together with invited Chinese and European experts.

The aim is that after the workshop, the participants will have an increased knowledge about different approaches to EDA and compensation calculation and together have discussed policy changes needed and ways forward in order to increase the public’s access to environmental justice.

When:  2-3 April 2013

Where:  Guizhou  Nationality Hotel, Guiyang, Guizhou

See the agenda here.PDF (pdf, 402.5 kB)

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Xu Min, Project officer, IVL China, e-mail: xu.min@ivl.se

Mr. Li Xin, Project officer, GZICCEP, e-mail: epblixin@163.com

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Guizhou International Cooperation Centre for Environmental Protection (GZICCEP),

Guiyang Public Environmental Education Centre (GPEEC).

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