Highly praised mini-drama seen by more than 1300 people

Between August and November, the mini-drama “Surrender” has been performedat six different locations around Guizhou province. Around 1350 governmental officials in the field of environmental protection, villagers, urban residents, students and representatives from industry and media in Guizhou have attended the highly praised mini-drama.

The locations were the mini-drama has been performed include the Department of Environmental Protection in Guizhou Province (6th August), Environmental Supervision Bureau of Guizhou Province (15th August), Maga Community in Shuangga Village in the District of Zhongshan of Liupanshui City (21st August), Guizhou Normal College (25th September), Baoshan Campus of Guizhou Normal University (16th October) and Qiushi College of Guizhou Normal University (14th November).

The response from the audience has been very positive. Based on short interviews with randomly selected persons from the audience after the shows, most audience could remember at least one clause of the new Environmental Protection Law and one correct way to protect their environmental rights if suffered by environmental pollution.

The performing actors in the mini- drama are Peng Huizhen, Fan Dan and Xu Xiaolu (Guizhou Normal Institute), Lu Chen (Guizhou University), He Ranjinxiang and Liu Lang (Guizhou Normal University), Liang Ju (Guizhou University of Finance) and Le Wen (Guizhou University for Nationalities). Liang Jun, Huang Tongming, and Lin Hongquan from the Guizhou Centre for Environmental Education and Outreach has also been part of the performance team.

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For more information, please contact:

Ms. Gao Xiaoyi, ACEF, tel+86 10 51230007, e-mail: gaoxiaoyi@acef.com.cn

Mr. Li Xin, Project officer, GZICCEP, e-mail: epblixin@163.com

Updated: 2014-11-24


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