Fruitful discussions on the EDA Workshop in Guiyang

In the beginning of April, a two day Workshop on Environmental Damage Assessment (EDA) and Compensation in practice and policy, was carried out in Guizhou Nationality Hotel in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, inviting local stakeholders and experts including both Chinese and European experts.

The workshop addressed some of the issues and challenges concerning protecting the public’s environmental rights related to EDA and compensation for environmental damages, aiming at making suggestions for further improvement both in practice and policy of EDA in Guizhou as well as also to increase the capacity, discuss and elaborate on EDA and compensation methodology with invited participants.

In the morning of Wednesday 2nd of April, the concepts and current status of EDA and compensation for environmental damage were introduced from European, Chinese and Guizhou perspectives. Invited speakers include Mr. Richard Hardiman from EGP Component 2 discussing the connection between Guizhou activities and national level environmental governance, Ms. Yu Fang from the Research Center for Environmental Risks and Damage Assessment (Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning of MEP) giving an overview of current EDA in China, Mr. Scott Cole from EnviroEconomics Sweden and Mr. Fabien Quetier from BioTope introducing the EU EDA practice and  experiences, Mr. Yang Qiao from Center for Environmental Damage Assessment (Chinese Society of Environmental Science) introducing some EDA cases in China. To conlude,Judge Luo Guangqian from Qingzhen Environmental Court in Guiyang giving an introduction to the cases and experiences in Guizhou related to compensation for environmental damages

In the afternoon of the 2nd of April, the workshop was divided into two parallel parts. In Part A, the participants were introduced to and discussed EDA and compensation in practice focusing on methodology for assessing environmental damages and calculating compensation. In Part B, the focus was on EDA and compensation in Policy where participants discussed a number of policy proposals prepared in advance by local stakeholders together with the EGP-Guizhou project team.

In the morning of Thursday 3rd of April, the workshop continued moderated by Mr. Zheng Mingjie from Guizhou International Cooperation Centre. During the morning, the main conclusions from the discussions during the previous day in workshop Part A and Part B respectively were introduced. The remaining morning was then dedicated to in-depth discussions between the participants on the next steps for EDA and compensation in practice and in policy in Guizhou, based on the discussions and main conclusions from the previous day.

50 participants attended the first day of the workshop, while 39 participants joined the discussions on the second day. Participants included governmental officials from Guizhou Environmental Protection Department, local Environmental Protection Bureaus and Environmental & Engineering Evaluation Centre’s across Guizhou Province. Furthermore, representatives from Guizhou Provincial People’s Congress,  Pingba environmental court, Kali environmental court, Qingzhen Environmental Court, Guizhou Superior People’s Court,  Guiyang Ecological Civilization Foundation (NGO) and Guiyang Tianyizhihe Law Firm as well as news reporters from the Xinhua News Agency, China News Service and Center for Environmental  Education and Outreach of Guizhou Environmental Protection Department.

The results of the workshop are currently being summarized in EDA report/handbook for the participants.

For the full documentation of the EDA workshop, see here.

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