Environmental justice drama “Surrender” for  awareness-raising

On the 6th of August, a short stage drama on environmental justice called “Surrender” was performed for the first time in Guizhou Province Environmental Protection Department. The drama was the first of eight to be played around Guizhou Province with the aim to raise the awareness on environmental justice.

Supported by the EGP-Guizhou Project and the Centre for Environmental Education and Outreach, the drama was written and played by a number of talented students with the aim to raise the awareness of the audience on how to rightly pursue environmental justice and protect the public’s environmental rights.

The story of “Surrender” is about an environmental pollution case. In the drama, a company called “Cure all” illegally reduce the scale of pollution treatment of a paper plant in order to gain more profits. This causes serious pollution to the village nearby. When two villagers come to the company to request compensation for their losses due to pollution they get rejected. The two villagers then threaten the company staff with guns, and the police get involved.  After disputes and conciliation, both the villagers and the company staff realizes that the best way to solve the environmental pollution dispute is to follow the law and regulation.  They all decide to surrender.

The drama will go on a performing tour between the 6th of August and the 15th of September in theatres and universities in Guiyang as well as villages in Qingzhen and Liupanshui.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Gao Xiaoyi, ACEF, tel+86 10 51230007, e-mail: gaoxiaoyi@acef.com.cn

Mr. Li Xin, Project officer, GZICCEP, e-mail: epblixin@163.com

Updated: 2014-08-21


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