EGP-Guizhou presents results to SPC and NPC representatives

On the 29th of September, representatives from the EGP-project participated in a policy dialogue in Beijing held by EGP Component 2 with the attendance of representatives from Supreme Court (SPC) and National People’s Congress (NPC).

The focus of the policy dialogue was centered around nine questions which the representatives from NPC and SPC were most concern about in connection to administrative public interest litigation and the judicial interpretation on the NGOs participation in PIL.

Mr. Xu Min from IVL China introduced the best practice of Guizhou NGOs on the participation of litigation. Ms. Gao Xiaoyi from ACEF presented a case from Guizhou Province carried out against the local EPD for administrative omission. The focus of the case was on how local multi-stakeholders worked together to carry out an investigation, in which way they urged local administrative government to take action and their plan concerning filing the administrative public interest litigation. Mr. Luo Guangqian, the Vice-President of Guiyang Ecological Protection Court, and Ms. Chenkun, a judge at Guiyang Ecological Protection Court, were also invited to the workshop and introduced the successful experience of the court and gave their views on the questions.

After the policy dialogue, the EGP-Guizhou team drafted and submitted a policy proposal with the opinions from the Guizhou experts included. The policy proposal was sent to EGP Component 2 on October 13.

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