Do you know how to protect your environmental rights?

An easy-to-read handbook on how to protect ones environmental rights is now available to the general public in Guizhou province.   

The easy-to-read handbook on public’s environmental rights and accesses to environmental justice have been produced by the EGP-Guizhou project targeting the general public in order to raise their awareness on the issue. The handbook gives its readers a broad overview of environmental problems, environmental laws and rights as well as the possibilities and options to report problems and infringements of environmental rights. Easy-to-understand instructive texts and cartoons are important features of the handbook.

The handbook have been and will distributed to the public in Guizhou province with the help of local stakeholders such as GPEEC, the environmental courts, the local Environmental Protection Bureaus and the Environmental Outreach and Education Centre.

Here you can download the Handbook PDF (pdf, 8.3 MB)

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Xu Min, Project officer, IVL China, e-mail:

Mr. Li Xin, Project officer, GZICCEP, e-mail:  

Updated: 2015-03-10


Project Partners

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Instituteexternal link, opens in new window

All-China Environment Federation (ACEF)external link, opens in new window

Guizhou International Cooperation Centre for Environmental Protection (GZICCEP),

Guiyang Public Environmental Education Centre (GPEEC).

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