Baseline study presented at EGP-Guizhou seminar

While 91% of the public in are concerned about environmental problems, only 33% of the public state to have a good or moderate understanding of environmental laws and regulations and 39% of the public do not know how to protect their environmental rights if suffering from environmental pollution or damages.

Among the 6% of the public who have taken measures to protect their environmental rights, many are confronted with such difficulties as limited own knowledge and limited support from public authorities. On the other hand, judicial and administrative organs in regularly encounter difficulties in achieving environmental justice, such as an insufficient number of enforcement staff and a large disparity between the small number of environmental civil cases and massive environmental complaints.
These are some of the results of a baseline study carried out by EGP-Guizhou: Improving Access to Environmental Justice to Protect People’s Environmental Rights in Guizhou Province. Following the presentation of the study during a press conference in province, government officials, judicial officials, lawyers and representatives from NGO’s as well as the public were invited to participate in an awareness raising seminar.

The seminar addressed some of the issues and challenges concerning the protection of the public’s environmental rights and the promotion of a dialogue between government officials and other stakeholders. Key topics included environmental protection and law as well as the public’s environmental rights and access to environmental justice. Furthermore, participants discussed how to improve communication with the public on these topics, how to make it easier for the public to understand and access environmental information as well as to report problems.

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